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Welcome Sugar Ox!  We are so excited for Captain Baby’s debut!

Jeff Johnrey preparing for awesomeness.

Jeff Johnrey preparing for awesomeness.

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Captain Baby is coming…

Novi Split - Keep Moving10 years ago Sunset Alliance had the privilege to release Novi Split’s intimate collection of personal recordings, titled Keep Moving.It’s was a joy to work with David J. If you know David, you understand what a pleasure it must be for Sunset Alliance, Hush, Moby, Barsuk, (unnamed)teen TV dramas, the country of Croatia, and all to work with him.

Novi Split -Disk 2To celebrate, we’ve collaborated with David once again to release Novi Split Keep Moving, Disk 2. We’ve dug out nearly 20 unreleased tracks from closets, sheds and hard drives that, not unlike the Disk 1, were never meant for the public ear. Sunset Alliance was surprised David allowed us to poke around his audio diary again, but we’ve learned David is quite the push over. (Offer him come casino credits, a Trapped in the Closet DVD copy and a couple Korean candies and you can get David to do just about anything.)

Go to the HOME PAGE to check out our interview with David J. to reminisce.  

"Seconds Accumulate Dust is probably the most ‘universally good’ album I’ve had the privilege to be associated with. Good music, good lyrics, good people and aging like a fine wine. Cheers to Drex & McKane Davis.

Most of the songs on the record feel like they could have been written and recorded in any of the last 3 decades and be relevant.  I know some indie kids won’t get this record.  Fans of ‘songs’ will.  Since I discovered Simon & Garfunkel when I was 13, songs have always mattered more to me than any passing trend. 

How are those screamo records working out for you today, Y2K-ers?”


"It was that time of year when everything was covered in white, even at night…"

Merry Christmas, from Beninem.  Autistic flow, you know?